RAW and SMACKDOWN continue to give us good things

Joshua Waddles
Staff Writer

Both RAW and SMACKDOWN have continued their positive trends of good writing and vicious matches this past week. Crowd and fan reactions are generally positive, even from the infamously difficult to please “smarks” and even John Cena and Roman Reigns, who tend to receive mixed welcomes at best, were rewarded with mostly cheers due to their rivalries and the way they’re being booked at the moment.

Enzo Amore

Enzo Amore is A-list on the mic and he was the perfect guy to get the crowd hyped up at the beginning of RAW. After finishing up his promo, he surprised Big Cass and attacked him from behind.

The physical confrontation shows that Amore is definitely the underdog in this feud, even when attacking Big Cass from behind. That’s a refreshing angle for a “face” (good guy) because the WWE tends to portray the faces as supermen and the heels (bad guys) as cowards who can’t win without cheating.

This feud will likely elevate both Big Cass and Enzo Amore. Both have all the tools they need to thrive in the singles division and this feud will launch them off to a good start.

Nia Jax, Bayley, Sasha Banks

The way the WWE is building up Nia Jax as an almost invincible heel, she’s certain to hold that RAW Women’s Title very soon. She can’t do backflips off the top turnbuckle like Charlotte Flair can, but she’s just so much more physically powerful than anyone else on the women’s roster, it’s hard to imagine how anyone can beat her clean.

Bayley, recently had a respectable reign as RAW Women’s Champion. From her booking, it looks like she’s probably out of the Women’s Title picture for now, but that’s the way it goes with championships and I expect the WWE will still book her well.

I just hope they don’t go through with that rumored story angle I’ve heard about. The rumor is that they plan on a storyline where Bayley has a crush on one of the announcers.

If that’s truly being talked about, I only hope Stephanie McMahon puts a stop to that because she’s probably the only WWE executive who has any respect for women whatsoever.

Samoa Joe and Brock Lesnar

Joe! Joe! Joe!

They didn’t even fight this episode, it was just interviews. But Samoa Joe comes off as a boiling cauldron of rage.

Goldust and R-Truth

Goldust continued his over-the-top theatrics this episode and presented his feud with R-Truth as a movie. He even aired a pilot showing their history.

When the lights came back on, we saw R-Truth standing behind Goldust eating popcorn before he attacked.

R-Truth is one of those guys I’ve always kind of wanted to see more of. He’s one of those who’s good in the ring, interesting on the mic but has mostly been booked on the B list.

I could almost say the same for Goldust, but he just has such a presence that everything he does is very memorable, even if it’s not a main event match.

Bray Wyatt

OOoh, boy. Bray Wyatt’s walk through the desert brought me straight back to those on-location promos from his debut that I’ve missed so much.

I wasn’t overly excited about his feud with Seth Rollins. It’s a good feud and all, but I’ve felt that Bray is at the point where he needs a decent title run (more than one month). But what did get me excited is the news that the WWE brought in a child actor to play a young Bray Wyatt in promos.

If this is true, I expect this storyline to steal the show.

Bran Strowman and Roman Reigns

The match with Strowman was nothing to write home about. They fed him some guy to throw into an ambulance, I don’t even remember who it was. But then Roman Reigns jumped out of that ambulance and started wailing on Strowman.

This was a vicious fight that ended with both of them falling off the platform and going through a table. It was pretty hard core, as all of their interactions tend to be, and that’s earned Reigns some very positive reactions from fans who were chanting obscenities at him two months ago.

After watching Reigns retire The Undertaker at WrestleMania, I pretty much wouldn’t cheer for this guy if he saved 15 kittens from a burning building. But I’m starting to understand why others might.


This was the episode in which John Cena made his long-teased return. I went ahead and watched it anyway.

Fans were generally welcoming to Cena and although I can’t resist making quips, I could never really detest the guy like I do with Roman Reigns. The biggest reason for that is because Cena is the most requested celebrity to visit Make-a-Wish kids. I also started to like him a lot more when he insisted on getting pinned by Bray Wyatt to help Wyatt look like a stronger World Champion. (It only lasted a month, but that’s not Cena’s fault.)

Cena confirmed two things. One: his career is winding down. He’s not retiring just yet, but he’s getting older and he’s going to start slowing down.

And two: he plans to wrestle Roman Reigns at some point.

Since Cena’s career is winding down, I anticipate that he will eat the pin in an attempt to get Reigns over with the fans. I doubt that’ll work.

Cena also said that he’s going to be fighting the stars from both RAW and SMACKDOWN. This made my stomach twist in knot because the implication that I drew was that he was going to take a back seat for most shows only to steal the main event by pinning the best wrestlers on the roster.

But Cena’s spent his entire career stealing the spotlight by pinning the best wrestlers on the roster, so at least he’s going to take a back seat for most of the shows now.

And who knows? He already insisted on getting pinned by Bray Wyatt and is probably planning to do the same thing with Reigns. Maybe he’ll spend the rest of his career putting other wrestlers over, like Chris Jericho does.

The New Day and The Usos

Now I can’t believe they went there.

During the mic confrontation, The New Day said The Usos were going to go back to carrying Roman Reigns’ bags (Reigns is their cousin) and The Usos brought up a scandal with Xavier Woods that the entire Internet has been talking about lately.

This segment suddenly made their feud much more interesting.

Luke Harper

Still MIA. SMACKDOWN really needs to be a three-hour show because there are way too many talented wrestlers who aren’t getting any air time.


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