RAW emotion on Monday night

Joshua Waddles
Staff Writer

Mick Foley got a great send off on RAW last night. The storyline seems to be that he’s done as the general manager, although we all know how easily those things can change and he’s almost guaranteed to show up at some point just to be a foil to Stephanie McMahon and Triple-H.

There was a mild internet dust up three weeks ago when they had Stephanie McMahon in the ring calling Mick Foley broken, pathetic and a shell of his former self. Everyone knew this was keyfabe (in character) but Foley is just such a beloved wrestler that a lot of fans took it personally anyway. It was meant to make McMahon look evil and it basically worked just a little too well. But no one took this as a major issue with the WWE, and WWE has shown once again how much they love Foley with his send off on Monday.

You had Sami Zayn give a beautiful thank you, same as Sheamus and Cesaro, an I’m not sure but I think Bailey might have been crying for real.

This is what Bailey fans love about her, she seems very genuine.

Speaking of Bailey, I like what they’re doing with her right now and how they’re handling her character. I wish they would apply a little of this to Roman Reigns.

She’s very much a moral hero, of the uncompromising sort we used to love back in the 80s and 90s. This “I shall do no wrong” mentality doesn’t work nearly as well with John Cena, who never seemed to figure out the real world after he escaped from the G.I. Joe cartoons, but it works very well with Bailey. I think it’s because WWE is pushing Cena as the classic role model archetype, which is really just kind of boring, and Bailey is someone who is trying to imitate her own role models.

I hate to use a phrase like “childish sense of wonder,” but that’s really what it is. She’s constantly talking about how she viewed the wrestlers when she was a kid and now she wants to be like her heroes.

And there’s another thing WWE is doing very well: they’re not making her a boring invincible superhero sort who never loses clean.

This is one of the huge problems with Roman Reigns right now. Since Vince McMahon decided to turn Roman into the next John Cena, I don’t know if Roman Reigns has lost clean (without someone cheating) even once.

But Bailey lost clean twice in a row against Nia Jax. Fans already root for Bailey (although she does have her haters), they’re going to root for her a lot more now that they see that she sometimes loses, just like a real person.

The Chris Jericho Highlight Reel

The internet united in an outpouring of grief for the late List of Jericho.

This happened with Jericho called out his former friend, Kevin Owens. I’ve written before about how much it broke my heart that these two best friends (both in real life and in character) now hate each other (in character.)

Jericho showed one of Owens’ old pictures, and this made me think of Bailey. Because it was of Owens, at age 16, wearing a Jericho shirt and doing one of Jericho’s poses.


I already knew Owens was a big Jericho fan. Someone posted that in one of the groups I follow. And the funny thing is I never would have guessed, because he always seemed so comfortable around Jericho with no wide-eyed hero worship.

I think part of the reason they showed this is to play up the feeling of tragedy the fans are experiencing. Jericho and Owens were such unbelievable bros that fans are still grieving over the fact that they’re fighting now. And Owens, his heart filled with blackness, didn’t hesitate to heap upon Jericho the ultimate betrayal.

He tore up The List.

Even though Jericho’s sentimental attachment to The List of Jericho was always played for comedy, it was played so well that fans in the audience groaned loudly when Owens picked up the list and tore it to pieces.


I was half asleep for the match between Roman Reigns and Braun Strowman. From what I caught when I was awake, it seemed to be exactly what I expected. Undertaker interrupts, ‘Taker looks scary, Roman looks strong.

Appearances by The Undertaker are such a rare treat these days that fans will cheer when he shows up, no matter who else is in the ring with him. I believe this has confused Vince McMahon to no end. When he hears fans seeing The Undertaker, he’s got it warped in his mind because he thinks they’re cheering because they want to see him lose to Roman Reigns.

Last week, Reigns said he’s going to retire The Undertaker. Everyone knows The Undertaker’s injuries are catching up with him. He might announce his retirement any day now, and whether this match against Reigns is his last or not, the fans are never going to forgive Reigns for facing The Undertaker at Wrestlemania during the sunset of this legend’s career, especially of Reigns wins.

Pretty much Roman’s only hope is to get himself in trouble again. Because if Roman wins against ‘Taker at Wrestlemania, he might as well just change his name to Mud and get it over with.