Raw thoughts, 1-6-17

Joshua Waddles
Staff Writer

Today we wrestling fans stand united in grief and worry over Seth Rollins, who’s knee was re-injured during the savage beatdown from Samoa Joe during RAW on Jan. 30.

Spoilers and possible spoilers.

There are a few wrestlers, Rollins among them, who need to be more careful. Not having the WWE Network or access to NXT, I have no idea of Joe is usually that dangerous in the ring or not, but I will say that I clenched my teeth with worry when watching that attack. Wrestling isn’t meant to be gentle; the wrestlers hit the mats hard and those “smack” sounds aren’t sound effects. But they have to be careful at all times and I could tell while watching Joe vs Rollins that it was nearly as brutal and reckless as a real beating.

The good news is that he shouldn’t be out nearly as long as he was last time, even if he does miss Wrestlemania.

So what’s Joe going to do now? Although he was certainly a little over enthusiastic while attacking Rollins, he did look awesome: a monster heel to rival Braun Strowman. With Rollins out and Roman Reigns caught up in a feud with Strowman, I’m not sure what they plan to do with Joe next. I’m not really interested in watching him feud with Reigns, since Vince McMahon refuses to let Reigns lose clean, but my thinking is that Joe will be involved in the Reigns v Strowman feud. And for mostly that same reason. Having Joe cost Reigns the match against Strowman would give Rollins time to heal and set up a tag feud of Strowman and Joe vs Rollins and Reigns.

This means that all four of them will be out of the Universal Title picture. The way it’s set up now, it looks like Kevin Owens will be defending against Bill Goldberg at Fastlane and Goldberg v Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania will probably be for the Universal Title. But then again, I kept expecting WWE to have Owens drop the Universal Title. I could easily be wrong again, but Owens can’t hold it forever. I’m an Owens fan, but I’m satisfied with how long he’s held it. A respected wrestling news source also reported Owens v Chris Jericho at Wrestlemania, and this could set that up because Jericho accepted the challenge on Owens' behalf.

A lot of fans don’t like the idea of dropping the title to Goldberg and I hear that. Although I think calling him a “Part timer” isn’t fair. He tried to keep with WWE but Vince McMahon was mostly just having him job to his own wrestlers so he could spit on WcW. McMahon seems to have finally decided to do right by one of WcW’s most iconic characters, but Goldberg has demonstrated some very bad ring rust, which is probably why his match with Lesnar was so short the first time around.

Goldberg was never as good as Lesnar to begin with, but I still hold out hope that enough training in the few months he’s been here can give us the “one more match” we really want to see at Wrestlemania.

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