September 13, 2017

MES Cubs line up for a “good game” high five to the Lakeside players on Saturday, Sept. 9.Coach Patricia Glover watches as her varsity Lady Leopard volleyball team plays against Sheridan on Monday, Sept. 11.Abby Leming of Malvern High School digs to keep a ball up after an opposing Sheridan player spiked it on Monday, Sept. 11.A Malvern Middle School Leopard Cub hits a player on the Bauxite offense and deflects from him to dive onto the ball that was fumbled. There were four fumbles in a row during the game on Monday, Sept. 11. Each time, the ball was recovered by the opposite team.The goalie comes out of the box to send the ball at the 10 and under soccer practice on Tuesday, Sept. 12 at the Boys &Girls Club of Malvern and Hot Spring County.The 10 and under team of the Boys & Girls Club of Malvern and Hot Spring County wait in the goal for practice to begin on Tuesday, Sept. 12 despite the rainy conditions.Local kids play soccer at the Boys & Girls Club of Malvern and Hot Spring County as they wait for practice to end on Tuesday, Sept. 12.The Malvern City Council passed several bills on Monday, Sept. 11, including terminations of double water and sewer rates for customers outside of city limits. A Leopard once lived in the home that is now the Hot Spring County Museum. The Museum kept several of the vintage items left from the previous owners, including a collection from a former student at the Malvern School District. Included are the student’s football helmet, jersey, letter jacket and several antique yearbooks.

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