September 6, 2017

Glen Rose quarterback Jarred Rogers hands the ball off to running back Ryan Taylor on Saturday, Sept. 2 at the game against Malvern High School.Eryka Williams who plays for Malvern’s varsity team prepares to spike the ball to the Harmony Grove side of the net at the match held on Tuesday, Sept. 5.Aubrey Nix bumps the ball back over the net for the Lady Leopards on Tuesday, Sept. 5.Kyle Thurber puts at the 18th hole for Ouachita High School at the match held on Tuesday, Sept. 5 at the Malvern Country Club.The choir at the senior sinter sings gospel songs before dinner.The Hot Spring County Museum displays an exhibit featuring businesses that once operated in Hot Spring County.The Little Rock Fire Department held swift water training at the Ouachita River on Tuesday, Sept. 5. Shown above, two students swim back to shore after practicing their positions for floating down rapids.

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