SMACKDOWN Women's Division stands out with MitB

Joshua Waddles
Staff Writer

WWE SMACKDOWN is going all out with the women’s division. In a program limited by its two hour format (as opposed to RAW’s three hours), two out of the show’s four matches centered around the SMACKDOWN Women’s Title.

WWE SMACKDOWN Women’s Champion, Naomi, successfully defended her title against Lana. Lana had previously played a manager role to Russev and is inexperienced in the ring. Rather than gloss over that, the WWE chose to acknowledge her inexperience and Naomi defeated her quickly. \

Naomi, for her part, is charismatic in the ring and manages to stand out in the crowded SMACKDOWN Women’s Division.

Money in the Bank

A MitB match for the SMACKDOWN Women’s Title was a stroke of genius. The SMACKDOWN MitB match was a rematch from the previous pay per view, which ended in James Ellsworth climbing the ladder to get the briefcase for Carmella. Ellsworth works great as a comic foil for the faces (heroes).

General Manager Daniel Bryan announced there would be a rematch due to Ellsworth’s outside interference. Fans complained the original MitB match at the previous pay per view went on too long, but there have been no complaints about the SMACKDOWN MitB match.

With five wrestlers competing in one match, this was also a great way to showcase more of the wrestlers on the roster while working within the two-hour format. SMACKDOWN, which usually has three matches a show, managed to squeeze in four this episode, but I feel that this two-hour time limit is going to be an increasing problem. Now that the NBA Finals are over and ratings are going up, I really hope someone in the WWE starts pushing for a three-hour SMACKDOWN.


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