Vehicle theft ring suspected

The recent thefts and altered color of several vehicles in the Bismarck area have prompted Hot Spring County Sheriff’s investigators to believe they are part of a theft ring.

During a recent visit, while investigating a vehicle theft Hot Spring County Sheriff’s Office Investigators Johnny Nicklaus and Greg McKinney noticed a Jeep parked at the location matched the description of one previously stolen from the Bismarck area in January.
Under further investigation they determined that the color of the jeep had been altered from white to black and the VIN number had been removed, according to the report.
According the report, a caller phoned the Hot Springs Police Department about suspicious activity. The caller stated that there were two white males near a jeep that had ran into the woods as police arrived. A Polaris ATV was also located near the stolen Jeep which the caller stated was not theirs nor did they know who it belonged to.

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