Veranda Luxury Pontoons to relocate in Jones Mill

Veranda Luxury Pontoons announced its purchase of the General Cable facility in Jones Mill on Monday, August 20, 2018. Local officials in attendance were (left to right) Darryl Mahoney, incoming Garland County Judge; City of Malvern Mayor Brenda Weldon; Gary Troutman, president and CEO Hot Springs Metro Partnership and Greater Hot Springs Chamber of Commerce; Rory Herndon, owner Xpress Boats/Veranda Luxury Pontoons; Lance Howell, Executive Director Malvern/Hot Spring County Chamber of Commerce; Hot Spring C
Gretchen Ritchey

Veranda Luxury Pontoons held a press conference on Monday, August 20, 2018 to announce the purchase of the former General Cable building on Highway 270 at Jones Mill. The facility is 377,000 square feet.
Gary Troutman, president and CEO Hot Springs Metro Partnership and Greater Hot Springs Chamber of Commerce opened the press conference. “Thanks to the vision and success of Rory and his father Rodney Herndon, their family and their company our collective communities come together once again,” said Troutman. “We look forward to future growth and the next chapter in this wonderful story.”
Rory Herndon said the company is very excited about the move. He said the goal is to exclusively build Veranda Luxury Pontoons at the location and potently hire 100 employees during the coming years.
“This is a great day for Hot Spring County,” said Hot Spring County Judge Dennis Thornton. “Rory, HSC is committed to the success and growth of Veranda Luxury Pontoons.” He continued stating that he looks forward to working with Rory and his staff in the future.
“This purchase and expansion will breathe new life into the property and avoid a lengthy closure and a big, empty plant,” said Lance Howell, Executive Director of the Malvern/Hot Spring County Chamber. “We’re excited for Veranda, and it’s a shot in the arm for this area. Securing the facility was just step one, and we can’t wait to see those luxury pontoons being made right here in Jones Mill. We just want to congratulate Rory and thank the whole Xpress and Veranda team for bringing this expansion to Hot Spring County.”
Veranda Luxury Pontoons was founded in 2006 and is a sister company of Xpress Boats.
Xpress Boats, a high performance all-welded aluminum boat, manufactured for fishing and hunting. It was founded 53 years ago in Friendship. Xpress Boats pioneered welded aluminum boats.
Veranda Luxury Pontoons was built on an innovative, patented interlocking deck system that creates the finest platform for luxury and performance pontoons in the industry.
The company remains a family owned and operated business.
Veranda Luxury Pontoons currently has a staff of 74. Its current square footage is 40,000, including office and manufacturing.
President of Veranda Luxury Pontoons Rory Herndon, said the decision to relocate to the General Cable facility was based on its central location. In a press release Rory said, “The heritage and DNA of our company started — and continues to this day — with a focus on innovation. My grandfather and company founder was the original to all-weld an aluminum boat to create a unibody structure, and today Veranda employs a patented, all-aluminum system that’s completely wood free.”
Rory said the new location also has 40 acres that is fenced and paved which will be a benefit.
Rory expects it to take up to 9 months for renovations to the facility. The goal is to relocate within the year and for production to double, up to 50 boats per week.
Veranda Luxury Pontoons is distributed nationally. The move will have a enormous impact on the local and regional economy.
Xpress Boats plans to expand after the relocation of Veranda Luxury Pontoons.