What's in a name? Bronx Zoo proudly displays 'snot otters'

Associated Press

NEW YORK (AP) โ€” It's a salamander by any other name โ€” and some of those names are comical.
The Wildlife Conservation Society's Bronx Zoo is now proudly displaying two Eastern hellbenders โ€” also known as "devil dogs," ''snot otters" or "old lasagna sides."
Eastern hellbenders have flattened heads and bodies, small eyes, and slimy, wrinkly skin. They're typically brown or reddish-brown with a pale underbelly.
There's also a serious side to the subject. Efforts are underway to conserve dwindling hellbender populations in the wild.
Adult hellbenders can be nearly 2 feet long. Only two larger salamander species are known to exist.


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