When is it too cold to go outdoors?

­Recess is a favorite part of school for students, but when is it too cold for those youngsters to go outdoors and enjoy fresh air and sunlight? There’s no law that determines this, but all area schools have established guidelines for deciding when it’s just too cold for recess.

• Bismarck Elementary — According to school staff member Jamie Stiles, when the wind chill or air temperature fall below freezing (32 degrees) the school does not send students outdoors.
• Glen Rose Elementary — Stated that if the temps are too cold and the wind is blowing creating a cold wind chill below freezing they, too, stay indoors.
• Malvern Elementary — Principal Meredith McCormack said that they do not go outdoors if the temperature is below freezing. She said they also consider the wind chill and other conditions, and teachers make a judgment call based on the temperature. McCormack also said that teachers make sure that children are appropriately dressed for weather before going outdoors.
• Wilson Intermediate — Principal Debbie Marsh said that if the wind is blowing too hard or the air is too cold they keep students indoors. Like the other schools, students don’t go out if the temperature is below freezing. “If a child doesn’t have a coat they are not allowed to go outdoors during cold weather,” said Marsh.
• Magnet Cove Elementary — According to Linda Samons the school assess the weather and temperatures and then makes a decision. If the temperatures are dangerously low then students will stay indoors. “We try to give the students as much time outside as possible since their time outside is limited during the day,”  said Samons. “We want them to have time outdoors to exercise,” she added.
• Ouachita Elementary — Stated that their students also don’t go outside for recess when the temperatures are below 32 degrees.
• Poyen — If it’s windy outdoors or the air temperatures or wind chill are below 32 degrees students at Poyen Elementary do not go outdoors during recess. Recently, some teachers taught in other classrooms to prevent students from having to go outdoors to change classes, said who.

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