Why did Randy Orton squash Rusev?

Joshua Waddles
Staff Writer

Rusev Machka! Rusev squashed!

During SummerSlam on Sunday, Randy Orton squashed Rusev. It wasn’t as bad as some other squash matches I’ve seen. Rusev did look vicious while attacking Orton before the match even started, but then Orton put him in an RKO just a few seconds after the bell rung.

Some of the WWE’s booking decisions don’t make very much sense, such as what happened between Shinsuke Nakamura and Jinder Mahal. Mahal beat Nakamura (with outside interference) to retain the World Championship on Sunday. Fans weren’t even mad. They just plain don’t believe Jinder Mahal as a World Champion.

Maybe they would have if Randy Orton hadn’t completely destroyed Mahal on the last SmackDown before SummerSlam.

The match between Orton and Mahal was one of those bad squashes I mentioned earlier. Mahal had almost no offense in that match. When he got a shot in against Randy, they were defensive moves and almost all of the match was Randy beating the fire out of Mahal.

Mahal sold it very well.

I kind of understand the reasoning behind this. Randy recently lost the World Title to Mahal and failed to win it back. WWE wanted Orton to avenge his loss. But why? So he could squash Rusev? That loss to Mahal didn’t really hurt Randy to begin with, he’s one of those who’s so over with the crowd he can handle a few losses.

Mahal certainly is not that over with the crowd. He could have used a win over Orton to look like more of a legit threat to Shinsuke Nakamura at SummerSlam.

On Rusev’s end, he’d recently won his own squash match against Chad Gable. He looked like a beast in that match and, in my eyes, they built him up as a legitimate threat to Orton. I thought the WWE had plans to push Rusev as a heel, but apparently they just wanted him to look good before getting his clock cleaned by Orton.

The WWE booked this whole thing as if Orton had somehow lost credibility with the fans, which is just ridiculous. Randy Orton has always been, and always will be, the Apex Predator in the eyes of the fans.

But now that the WWE has gotten someone over who was already over, what are they planning now? Randy Orton isn’t too far away from matching John Cena’s World Title reign record. Without question, the WWE would love for Orton and Cena to battle over who will be the first to break Ric Flair’s record.


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