Williams ready to help and serve people of District 3

Gerren Smith
Staff Writer

As a proud hometown resident of Malvern and Hot Spring County, Ralph Van Dusen Williams is ready to serve and help provide the necessary service to all citizens as the newly elected HSC Justice of the Peace District 3, from this past 2018 election on November 6, 2018.
Born and raised almost all his life in Hot Spring County, Williams has a strong desire and passion to keep a positive outlook for Malvern and help it's progression to be known as one of the most productive places in Arkansas.
Being very appreciative to all the citizens who voted him into office this past election 2018, Williams is in position to help make a difference for a place and area he loves to call home.
Williams said, he's been concerned about several issues in Hot Spring County and feels the desire that something needs to be done.
When Williams took the time to evaluate how he could be in position to make a difference for HSC, he felt the need to run for office when the JP District 3 position came open for the 2019 election. Knowing how busy life has been for Williams, he feels he can devote the necessary time to help HSC run smoothly, efficiently and pulling industry here to create opportunities for businesses, and jobs that can be of service to all citizens.
"I firmly believe that Hot Spring County needs to be aggressive in it’s search for new businesses to locate here. All incentives including locations, tax packages, and available workforce training should be on the table in negotiations," Williams said.
He feels the key to long term viability for the county is in new businesses and places to work for it’s citizens if wanting to keep and add to the population of the county.
Williams said, "I realize we have infrastructure problems and would promote an aggressive identification of those problems as well as a time table for their abatement that is monitored at each meeting."


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