Malvern Success Stories

Jace Keeney, Matthew Keenan and Bradley Robinson graduated Malvern High School in 2016 and have gone on to serve the community.

Malvern School District is the birthplace of some great success stories. The community has turned out actors, athletes, musicians, writers, civil servants and philanthropists who have done good things in the world. Many young men and women graduate from high school here and move on to other areas, often looking for adventure and better financial opportunities. Others reach adulthood and decide that there’s no place like home, and they make it their mission to serve the community.

This is certainly true of three 2016 Malvern High School graduates: Jace Keeney, Matthew Keenan and Bradley Robinson. Keeney and Robinson are dedicated members of the Malvern Fire Department, and Keenan is the youngest alderman in Malvern’s history, serving the residents of Ward 3.

Keeney liked the idea of being a firefighter when he was little, but he had no set plans to join the department after graduation, despite hints to the contrary that can be seen in an adorable picture posted on social media featuring Keeney as a very young tot dressed in a bright yellow firefighter’s costume and even brighter smile.

“I’ve always had an interest in it,” Keeney shared. “I didn’t know whether I wanted to do it professionally or not whenever I was little, but I always had an interest in it.”

Read the full story in Saturday's Aug. 20 newspaper edition.

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