Judge Glover's Hideout

Pictured from left to right are Landon LaFevers, Wallace Stone and RJ Coulombe.

Wallace Stone and associates are hard at work in Malvern renovating the old Glover building on West 2nd Street in the Lawyer’s Row Historic District—a space that is soon to be the vacation/multipurpose rental property Stone has dubbed “Judge Glover’s Hideout.”

The outside stucco is almost completely removed, and the original brick can now be seen—replete with remnants of a cool Canova advertisement painted on the western wall.

Stucco removal to the front exterior revealed space for high windows that were original to the building but boarded up under the added facade. Stone also discovered brick that had been added years later under the two main windows in front. Stone has removed the added brick and will replace it with wood to hearken back to the original style and structure, and he will once again place windows in those high, forgotten recesses.

Stone said plans are coming along nicely, and the renovation is right on schedule. The building should be open for business well before the new year, but Stone said it depends on how long it takes for contractors to do major tasks like electrical and plumbing.

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