Malvern City Council

The Malvern City Council held their regular monthly session Monday evening in their chambers located within the new Malvern Police Station at 110 North Main St. The agenda was light but highlighted by a visit from a citizen who wanted to offer thanks and praise for the mayor’s resolve in addressing a municipal issue on the man’s property.

Mr. Donahue owns property that is adjacent to the newer branch of the Malvern Fire Department, known as Fire Station #1, located at 712 W. Moline St. Donahue has previously appeared before the City Council to voice his displeasure about the stormwater runoff that was accumulating on his property and causing concerns.

“Last week, I asked the Mayor if I could speak to the board, mainly since you have new members, and obviously it’s changed around somewhat,” Donahue began.

“For the last two years, I’ve been on the Mayor’s back to get some projects completed at my house,” he said. “Building the new fire department has caused a lot of flooding, and the school building, and I’m right between the two of them.”

Donahue said he was upset when he spoke with the Mayor last week because he was told a Street Dept. employee would get back with him and then didn’t. Recent staffing changes caused Donahue’s request to go unattended temporarily, but after learning that Weldon has consulted with a reputable local company called Husky Construction to assess the drainage issue, he feels much better about the whole situation.

“I checked them out and they’re very competent, they know what they’re doing,” Donahue said. “So, instead of having to gripe at the Mayor, I was really happy, I was very satisfied with what I heard.”

Read the full story in Wednesday's March 15 newspaper edition.

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