Morgan Anderson

The Morgan Anderson Memorial Softball Tournament is an annual athletic fundraising event so-named for a sweet, loving, radiant young girl from Glen Rose who lost a year-long fight with cancer in Sept. 2011.

Morgan was eight years old when she passed away from Osteosarcoma, a type of bone cancer. Tina Carver, family friend and director of the annual tournament, said the very first softball event was organized to raise funds to help Morgan’s family get her back and forth to cancer treatments in Houston. Sadly, Morgan passed away two weeks before the first tournament was scheduled to take place.

“Her parents asked that we continue with the tournament and donate all funds raised to the organizations that helped them so much during Morgan’s illness,” a letter released by Carver stated. “We honored their wishes, and thus, The Morgan Anderson Memorial Tournament was born.”

The annual Morgan Anderson Softball Tournament is a fitting way for Morgan’s loved ones to “spreadMOlove” in remembrance of Morgan’s happy, selfless nature and giving spirit, as she loved playing the game, proudly wearing #12 during her tenure on the field.

“We are committed to, as we call it, ‘spreadMOlove’,” Carver stated. “Because that’s what Morgan (‘Mo’) would want us to do.”

The annual charity games have raised over $125,369, to date, to help individual families fighting cancer and offer assistance to a couple of Morgan’s favorite charity organizations. Morgan’s loved ones think she would be thrilled about the good work being done in honor of her memory.

“Morgan (Mo) was a unique and special child, full of life, always smiling and wanting to make other people feel happiness, too,” Carver’s stated. “Through her illness, Morgan kept a smile on her face and was always concerned for others. She would have been so excited to see the wonderful things people are doing in her memory to help others in need.”

Read the full story in Thursday's Sept. 8 newspaper edition.

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