Malvern City Council

Members of the Malvern City Council and other municipal agencies attended this month’s City Council meeting Monday evening at the First Baptist Church Family Life Center.

All Malvern City Council meetings will be held at this location until their new meeting place within the soon-to-be-completed Malvern Police Department is ready for the periodic gathering.

Mayor Brenda Weldon called the meeting to order, and all aldermen were counted present after City Treasurer Phyllis Dial took the role of attendance.

After the minutes from the previous City Council meeting last month and the various finance and city department reports were approved, Mayor Weldon moved to a matter concerning Alderman Mathew Keenan.

Mayor Weldon informed the other council members that Keenan has recently had a change in his living situation and will only be residing in Malvern part of the time.

“According to Arkansas law, he can remain on the Council,” Weldon said. “If no one runs for the position and he has not chosen to resign from his position, then he actually can go over to another term as a holdover officer.”

Weldon quoted from the corresponding legislation, which states, “And he shall be in that position until either he or she formally resigns, or another person is elected to fill the position in a future election.”

Weldon said that Keenan very much wants to keep his position on the Council, and she invited questions from the attendees. She said that local resident Sean Bridges came to the agenda meeting last week and expressed interest in the position, as well as interest in a position on the Malvern Planning Commission.

Weldon asked for a motion to put the item on the agenda, then they voted to appoint Bridges to the Planning Commission. Keenan will continue in his role as Alderman for Ward 3, Position 2.

The Council then moved on to proposed bids the city received for the eradication of eight condemned structures within city limits. The structures were previously declared unfit for habitation, and the city is eager to move forward with the removal and cleanup at the specified locations.

“We did open the bids today, and the two bids we got, Diversified Land Solutions gave a bid of $39,479, and Farber and Hobbs Construction, Inc., gave a bid of $34,300,” Weldon informed the group. The council members all voted in favor of accepting the lower bid.

Next on the agenda was “An ordinance adopting the 2022 Amended and Revised Rules and Regulations of the Civil Service Commission—City of Malvern.”

“Whereas, it is necessary that the city’s civil service commission operate under a uniform set of rules that adhere to the state laws governing established commissions,” the legislation states, in part.

The ordinance, which was unanimously adopted by all council members, is a 15-page amendment that lays out the definitions, duties and specific limitations of appointees to the Commission, as well as eligibility parameters for various city employees and qualifications for employment and promotion.

The amended list of rules and regulations also covers certification requirements, time limits for accepting positions or assigning promotions, training, transitioning personnel, and administrative details. The complete ordinance and related documentation will be available for public perusal on the city’s website in the near future.

The next item up for discussion was an ordinance “stating no objection to private club license for Cantina Cinco de Mayo”. Weldon explained that even though voters recently decided to turn the county wet, this establishment was in the process of applying for a liquor much sooner than anyone else will be, as they had begun the application process for special consideration months ago and are operating under the previous stipulations.

Read the full story in Wednesday's Nov. 16 newspaper edition.

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