Ouachita Trap Team competed at the Arkansas Youth Shooting Sports Program (AYSSP) South Region Senior competition in Jacksonville on Saturday, May 6, 2023. Ouachita took 4 senior squads.

Trap shooting uses 12- or 20-gauge shotguns to fire at a four-inch clay discs hurled into the air.  The discs can fly in any direction. Youth Shooting Sports has so many benefits for young Arkansans.  This sport teaches responsibility, self-discipline, and firearm safety.  Shooting sports programs teach our children how to act responsible around guns and this can reduce incidents.  

There are also many health benefits with this sport.  Shooting trap improves hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills, increases focus and concentration and improves balance and coordination and reduces stress and tension.  

Ouachita’s top shooter this year was Caden McKim, a junior who hit 46 out of a possible 50 targets.  

Senior Squad 1 – Bradley Abernathy, Rex Ivy, Caden McKim, Hunter Hathcock, Carson Paul

Senior Squad 2 – Dustin Shamhart, Jacob Mills, Barret Ashby, Mathew Cox, Ethan White

Senior Squad 3 – Adam Westbrook, Jack Tugwell, Remy Walton, James Jones, Tyler Abernathy

Senior Squad 4 – Isaiah McIntosh

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