A group of local organizers has been working hard to bring a skateboard park to the area, with Malvern native and skateboarding enthusiast Lance Brownfield leading the charge for the last seven years. “Since high school, we were going to city council meetings and meeting with the mayor,” said Brownfield of he and his friends’ initial efforts. “We just got together as friends and said, ‘We want a park, how do we get it done?’ ”

There wasn’t a suitable plot of land available back then, but the movement gained huge momentum a few months ago when Mayor Brenda Weldon decided that the city would donate a small plot of land at the corner of Fifth and Locust streets for organizers to develop.

Brownfield, HSU student and editor-in-chief of “The Oracle: Community Edition,” also hosts a bi-weekly podcast on skateboarding news and history in Arkansas called “The Natural Skate.” While traveling around the state to learn more about the skateboarding community, his desire to bring a skatepark to Malvern went into overdrive. “I’m visiting all these other parks, and there’s nothing in my hometown,” said Brownfield.

Read the full story in Tuesday's Nov. 30 newspaper edition.

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