Blossom Garden Boutique has been a journey in the works for years. Andrea Emerson is a certified fitter of mastectomy, and her boutique is uniquely able to fit those that have had a mastectomy surgery with custom-fit bras.

“I knew that I could do it and really do a good job at it,” Emerson said. Emerson can do regular everyday bra fittings as well and she has access to an array of brands, styles, and accessories.

“It doesn’t seem like a big deal,” Emerson said, “but it’s not like how men can go into Walmart and take down a package of underwear or undershirts and say ‘okay, let’s go.’ It’s much different.”

Emerson recognizes that women can go and purchase bras from other stores, but problems can arise from that. “By the time you get it home, you don’t really know what you’ve got,” she said.

The cost for these bras doesn’t have to be out of pocket, either. “Hopefully by early spring I’ll be able to bill insurance for mastectomy products.”

Read more in Thursday's Nov. 11 newspaper edition.

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