Malvern City Council

City Attorney Cecilia Ashcraft reads a resolution while Malvern Mayor Brenda Weldon, Treasurer/Clerk Phyllis Dial and the council follow along via teleconference during their regular council meeting Tuesday.

The Malvern City Council held its monthly council meeting Tuesday via teleconference through the Teamup Microsoft web app online to utilize communication from the Malvern Water Works Building in the boardroom. 

During the meeting, the council approved four items of new business. The council agreed to accept the 2019 federal audit report for its first order of business. 

The council agreed to adopt a resolution involving the condemnation of a structure located at 1219 Fall Street. 

For the final two items of new business, the council agreed to accept a proposed 911 contract with the county and voted to appointed Malvern Police Department Captain Doroteo DelaCruz and Malvern Fire Department, CFEI Fire Marshal Chris Brewster to serve as the city representatives on a 911 board.

The second reading of an ordinance levying 2021 taxes was introduced by the council and read by City Attorney Cecilia Ashcraft by title only. 

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