Being a member on the Malvern Downtown Development Corporation we are always trying to improve the Main Street area. I personally have had downtown merchants and the public asking about monthly activities like our neighbors have bringing in food trucks, live music, family activities, etc.  

We are limited on space on Main Street which is great that we have been able to keep many of the historic buildings, some of which are being restored. We have to keep some things in the Main Street area to be eligible for certain grants.

So, I’m just curious as to what the public’s thought are on use of the space underneath the viaduct. It would allow an area sheltered (somewhat) from the weather. Obviously there are active railroad rails which cause safety concerns but I feel could be addressed to keep it safe. Actually safer than what it is now.

We have some talented artists and students who could also paint over the graffiti covered pillars as well. Just looking for public input before I pursue this further.

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