Eagle Ridge Vice President Todd Thomas addresses the citizens of Perla

A meeting with Eagle Ridge Utility Operating Company was held on Tues. Eagle Rige’s Vice President, Todd Thomas, is pictured on the right. The next meeting is set for Oct. 28 on Zoom.

The city of Perla is in a bit of a mess when it comes to their water situation. Currently using Malvern’s water, Perla owes more than $699,000 to creditors including $300,000 to Malvern over which the two towns are currently in court.

Recently, the city of Malvern put forth a motion to the court to appoint Central Arkansas Water as receiver of the water systems. A similar situation occurred in the past when CAW was appointed as receiver of the Brushy Island System by the court.

Soon after Malvern filed their motion, a private water utility company sent a letter to Perla residents. In this letter, the Eagle Ridge Utility Operating Company stated that it is “in the process of becoming the water and wastewater provider for residents of the Town of Perla..."

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