Voting pic.

Early voting for 2020 November General Election at the Hot Spring County Fairgrounds.

Registered voters continue to pile in to vote during early voting for the 2020 November 3 General Election. at the Hot Spring County Fairgrounds in Malvern.

Due to the impact and significance of this highly anticipated presidential election, record numbers have been accounted for early voting, absentee ballots along an increase amount of registered voters nationwide.

For the first week of early voting in Hot Spring County, there were 4,737 registered voters that voted at the HSC Fairgrounds in Malvern.

That number has increased to more than 6,000 registered voters thus far into the second week of early voting.

With the COVID-19 pandemic in effect, it hasn't kept the public away to exercise their votes for this election.

Within the first few days of early voting, there had been more than 3,000 voters exercising their votes at the fairgrounds out of 18,130 total registered voters in Hot Spring County. For the first 

three days of early voting last week, the HSC election staff received an average of 900 voters each day at the fairgrounds. 

Even more voters have exceeded absentee ballots from past elections. According to Hot Spring County Clerk Sandy Boyette, 1,127 absentee ballots were mailed out and more than 830 have been received back for the general election.

October 27 was the deadline for county clerks to receive absentee ballot applications by mail, fax, or electronic mail for the general election. 

Early voting will continue from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday and 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday at the Hot Spring County Fairgrounds. 

Early voting will also be available from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Oct. 30 and from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Nov. 2 at Bismarck Methodist Church, located at 7075 Hwy 7 in Bismarck. Any registered voter in Hot Spring County may vote at this location in Bismarck.

On Election Day, Nov. 3 the following are vote center locations in Hot Spring County. Any registered voter in Hot Spring County can vote at any of the following locations on Election Day.

•Bismarck Methodist Church at 7075 Hwy 7, Bismarck

•First Southern Baptist Church at 142 Magnet School Rd. Malvern 

•Glen Rose Missionary Baptist Church at 928 Traskwood Rd., Malvern

•Riverside Baptist Church at 151 Schoolhouse Dr., Donaldson 

•Hot Spring County Fairgrounds in Malvern.

As a reminder, no electioneering within 100 feet at any polling locations will be allowed during early voting or on election day. 

Registered voters may call to check their status to make sure they’re still active to vote. Contact the election office at (501) 229-1666 or the county clerk’s office at (501) 332-2291. Register voters also may check their status online at

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