Claudine James pic.

Claudine James, an eighth-grade English teacher at Malvern Middle School and cultural community liaison for the Malvern School District, provides a presentation to the district on creating a culturally responsive classroom in the Leopard Center on Tuesday.

Educators, staff and administrators in the Malvern School District have had the opportunity to enhance their knowledge, teaching styles and techniques in the public school system this week by attending professional development sessions and training in an effort to prepare for a challenging 

2020-2021 school year.

On Thursday in the Leopard Center, the Malvern School District was enlightened by Malvern Middle School eighth grade English teacher Claudine James, who recently has been elected to serve as Cultural Community liaison.

James has been a passionate educator for many years while serving in the MSD. She loves teaching and enjoys students.  She is inspired to help students strive for excellence to succeed in education.

As part of her new role in the district, James addressed educators and administrators some important factors on how to create a culturally responsive classroom during a presentation. Read more in Fridays August 14 MDR newspaper edition.

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