Sweet Jana

Stop Animal Cruelty in Hot Spring and Garland Counties is constantly looking for assistance and donations. One of their most recent calls for help involves Sweet Jana (pictured above) who has a golf ball sized lump behind her ear that has completely closed up her ear canal. She cannot hear and is in constant, severe pain.. Dr. Chris Bilby of Wagon Wheel Vet Clinic has accepted Jana as a patient. Dr. Bilby is the only vet in our area who has performed this very specialized surgery. Jana will be euthanized if the surgery is not carried through because of the severe pain and living limitations that the lump is causing her. Even with surgery, she will lose the hearing in her ear. However, she would be pain free and able to live a happy life. The surgery/hospital stay/meds will cost approx $1000. Stop Animal Cruelty is asking for donations for Jana directly to Wagon Wheel Vet Clinic via phone 501-622-3160. Animals like Jana are the ones that Magnet Cove is trying to help.

The Magnet Cove School District has taken animal care into their own hands. After fifth graders at the school expressed concern over how to help animals, the school lept into action.

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