vets at The Crossing

Veteran residents at The Crossing from left to right: Coy Tinsley, Air Force, Virginia Lederer, Air Force, Buster Hendrix, Army, Raleigh Brown, Air Force, Jim Campton, Air Force.

Virginia Lederer has been a resident of The Crossing at Malvern for about six years. She is full of life and positive energy, even though her eyesight is failing and her traveling days are behind her now.

Originally from Mountain Home, she joined the Air Force in 1963 because she wanted to see the world and do something different with her life.

Lederer was first assigned to a military base in Amarillo, Texas, for 18 months before being sent to Thailand for about a year as a nurse. Her squad provided medical and auxiliary support to four KC-135 Stratotanker units performing aerial assault missions over Vietnam.

Lederer missed the bulk of the fighting while she served in Thailand because the battle was mostly centered in Vietnam, but she did see combat action once during an attack when the enemy fired on them and struck a local Thai girl. The young girl was riding her bike down the road and was shot in the neck. Lederer and her military colleagues performed a tracheotomy and saved the girl’s life.

Read the full story in Thursday's Nov. 11 newspaper edition.

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