Virginia Pitts

Virginia Pitts is a Bismarck native who graduated high school in 1992. She attended the University of Arkansas for a short time right after high school but had no idea what type of career to prepare for at that age. “I was too chicken to declare a writing major. Writing just seemed too out of reach,” Pitts said.

“Long story short, after fumbling through life for several years, I met my future husband. Four kids later, I knew I needed to make college happen again. No more dreaming, time for doing. I enrolled in NPC in 2017, and it was the best thing I ever did. I met wonderful, caring teachers and thrived in the classroom.”

After graduating with honors from NPC in 2019, she stumbled onto an opportunity to pursue her passion for writing. “Providence, or Google, however you want to look at it, led me to the Professional and Technical Writing Program at UA Little Rock. I saw that I could complete it online, and I knew this was the path for me.”

Pitts graduated with a 4.0 from UA Little Rock this previous May. But she said that landing a paid writing gig proved to be more of a challenge than expected. “I thought good grades and the right degree would be enough, but every ‘entry level’ position I found wanted me to have work experience as a writer,” Pitts said. “I was in this awful catch-22 situation until Mr. Tubbs graciously gave me a chance after reading my writing samples.”

Pitts is excited to finally be doing what she loves, and she is grateful for the opportunity. She says landing a job with MDR is extra special because, “I grew up reading this paper every day. In my wildest dreams I did imagine being a hotshot reporter, but I never really expected this to happen. It’s a dream come true.”

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