Xbox announces first wave of content for Xbox Live Creators Program

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Independent game designers can now upload their creations directly on Xbox One and Windows 10. According to a press release, Microsoft announced the Xbox Live Creators Program would allow game designers to publish games to Xbox One and Windows 10 with a simplified certification process and no concept approval required.

The first titles that will be available on the Xbox Live Creators Program include:

Animal Rivals by Blue Sunset Games

This party game for one to four players will allow the players to compete as furry fighters in different mini games and locations for the right to sit on the throne of Animalonia.

Black Dropper by Tresiris Games

For one or two players, Black Dropper is an arcade-style 3D platform game that offers a single-player mode or a battle arena.

Crystal Brawl by Studio Mercato

Crystal Brawl is a local multiplayer for four players, two verses two. This capture the flag game is much like a mix of Gauntlet and NBA Jam.

Derelict Fleet by Bionic Pony

in Derelict Fleet, the player must defend a space-faring fleet of refugees in search of a new planet to colonize.

ERMO by Nonstante

For fans of casual games, ERMO offers relaxing alternative to tense action games by providing a calming puzzle game to keep the player distracted for hours.


A classic arcade-style space shooter. The player’s spaceship levels up with each alien enemy destroyed.

kubic by Pixel Envision Ltd

Utilizing optical illusions based on art by M.C. Escher, the player must construct the goal configuration from puzzle pieces.

Space Cat! by GershGamesLLC

A group of young designers made Space Cat!, a run and gun game, over several weekends.

Studeo Areo by The Stonebot Studio

Heavily inspired by 80’s pop culture, the player in Stereo Aereo must get the titular rock band to their concert on time.


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