Our faces during SummerSlam

Joshua Waddles
Staff Writer

Oh man! That was the best Pay Per View either of us have seen in several years.

Because it’s late, I’m mostly just going to touch on the high points. The booking confused both Eric More and me. The match between Jason Jordan, teamed with The Hardy Boyz against The Miztourage, was in the pre show. The Miztourogue won, which is excellent. As I’ve said before, that’ll be a great way to get people interested in the feud by having the heels win. It was also a great match.

The Cruiser Weight Title match happened during the pre show, with Neville getting it back. And the Tag Team Title match between The New Day and The Usos, also in the pre show, ended with The Usos getting the SmackDown tag titles.

All of these were great matches, and there were some that both Moore and I thought should have been in the pre show instead. But John Cena vs Baron Corbin turned out to be very good. Corbin whipped out this cool move, starting like a choke slam, but then he knelt down and Cena impacted against Corbin’s knee like a backbreaker.

Corbin lost clean, which may be bad for his career. He’s made some WWE officials angry back stage over some tweets, so losing his Money in the Bank briefcase and the match was probably punishment.

Speaking of which, the crowd started chanting “Where’s your briefcase?” Savage.


Big Show vs Big Cass

Enzo came out and did his thing. He has a great way of acknowledging his situation in the WWE, like how he basically admitted he owns the ring when he’s got the microphone.

Big Show did a great job of selling that fake injury. Most wrestlers can’t go a whole match faking an injury, but Big Show did it.

Enzo, trapped in a shark cage above the ring, stripped down to his boxer shorts, oiled himself up, and squeezed through the bars to get out. Cass took him out quickly, but was still entertaining.

Big Cass took the win.


Kevin Owens vs AJ Styles

Shane McMahon acted as special guest referee during this. He again got “accidentally” hit a few times.

Owens and Styles are great against each other, and came up with some inventive moves. In fact, both of our reactions in that picture above were taken in this one match. For me, it was when Kevin Owens took AJ Styles off the middle turnbuckle into some sort of spinning suplex that I can’t really describe. I’ve never seen it before.

For Eric Moore, it was when Kevin Owens kicked out of the Styles Clash. Eric said no one’s ever kicked out of that before.

Owens didn’t kick out of the second one, though, and AJ Styles retained The United States Title.


Bray Wyatt vs The Demon

Eric rooted for Finn Balor as The Demon, I had my hopes set on Bray Wyatt.

These guys and their entrances. Bray did his darkness intro, which I never get tired of, and Balor’s intro started out with a sort of demented rendering of “He’s Got The Whole World In His Hands,” mocking Bray Wyatt before he came out, crawling in the mist and darting up in the air with the rythem of his music.

I have to complain because I felt there were too many pauses in this match. The crowd wasn’t super into it, which is not entirely the wrestlers’ faults (the fans had been there four hours by that point and were exhausted) but there was entirely too much of Bray escaping out of the ring. I’m sure they wanted to make it seem as though The Demon was getting into Bray’s head, but I know both of these guys are capable of the matches that get fans chanting “this is awesome!”

Balor won clean. Neither of these guys have really been booked well and Bray may suffer from the loss, but I was less disappointed than I expected to be. The match wasn’t great, but it was decent. Bray just came off of a victory feud against Seth Rollins and also beat Balor clean last Monday. And Balor never loses when he wrestles as The Demon anyway, except for that one time at NXT when he had to drop the belt to move up to the main roster.


Shinsuke Nakamura vs Jinder Mahal

This woke the crowd up. Hoo boy.

Shinsuke Nakamura moves and acts like a puppet to the same hype he generates. Every move he makes shows a man who is completely confident in what he does, and his quick strikes look very legit. I could see him as a UFC fighter.

The crowd was crazy into it. After the ring announcer had his time on the mic, saying the match was scheduled for one fall, the crowd spontaneously shouted “One fall!”

Eric and I both laughed the rest of the way through the introductions. I don’t know how Nakamura and Mahal didn’t crack up.

Jinder Mahal, I still love him. But I’m coming to the conclusion that he’s not great in the ring. I forgive him for that because of his intensity as a heel. His face always shows expressions of rage and hate, and he’s great on the mic. In the ring, though, he might just be average.

Although it’s hard to say for sure. He usually doesn’t win clean, and Shinsuke Nakamura spent most of the match dominating so he really didn’t get a chance to shine.

Mahal pulled a fast one after The Signgh Brothers distracted Nakamura by letting him knock them out. Mahal put Nakamura in his finisher, stealing the pin and retaining The World Title.

This ending was a huge mistake, I think. The crowd, previously very excited, deflated like a giant balloon. They didn’t even boo Mahal, they were just over it.

How in the world did the WWE have Nakamura pin Cena clean only to have him lose? It makes no sense at all.


Braun Strowman, Roman Reigns, Samoa Joe and Brock Lesnar

The four-way match for the Universal Title. I was expecting great things and man, I was not disappointed.

Strowman looked like a complete monster. He spent most of the match just destroying everyone in the ring. Eric Moore left the building clutching his fist in pain because of how hard he banged his fist against the table in pure excitement while Braun Strowman slammed Brock Lesnar around.

Strowman slammed Lesnar through announce tables twice, then picked up the last announce table and threw it on top of Lesnar. The referees came out, checking on Lesnar and bringing out the stretcher. We couldn’t figure out at first whether or not Lesnar was hurt for real.

They wheeled Lesnar out and the match continued without him for a bit, with Strowman beating down both Samoa Joe and Roman Reigns. Then, after a few minutes, Lesnar came back out, charging toward the ring.

We had several near falls and everyone got hit with a finisher at least twice, I think. Lesnar, normally the most intimidating guy in the ring, actually looked desperate and close to defeat.

After getting Joe and Strowman out of the ring, it came down to Lesnar and Reigns. We both expected Strowman to rush in there after Lesner put the F5 on Reigns, but he didn’t. Lesnar put Reigns in his finisher for the pin, retaining The Universal Title.

I’ve had many problems with Lesnar over how rarely he defends his Universal Title, but this match was just so great I’m not even worried about it. Lesnar is a great performer in so many ways, not just making himself look good- he almost always makes his opponents come out looking great too.

Oh man, that was good.


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