Glorious SmackDown, debuts and rumors

Joshua Waddles
Staff Writer

It was a night of revenge on WWE SmackDown on Aug. 22, and the glorious Bobby Roode made his debut.

Bobby Roode vs Aiden English

Aiden English came out doing his opera thing. Both Smackdown and Raw have singers now and both are rather entertaining, for different reasons. Elias Samson puts on a genuinely good song performance, and Aiden English is just funny because of how he tortures the fans with the opera stuff.

Then Bobby Roode’s “Glorious” music started and the fans were thrilled. Everyone knew Roode would be making a debut soon. Roode recently dropped the NXT Championship to Drew McIntyre. When an NXT Champion drops the belt, that usually means they’re moving up to the main roster.

Aiden English got in some good offensive moments, but fell to Roode.

Roode’s addition to SmackDown means bad news for guys like Sami Zayn who haven’t had much screen time. But John Cena recently moved to Raw, and this is sure to help these buried wrestlers.

The Usos vs The Hype Brothers

The Usos, new SmackDown Tag Team Champions, defeated The Hype Brothers. It was good to see some fresh faces. As much as I like The New Day, we’ve seen them go against The Usos so many times already.

Shinsuke Nakamura vs The Singh Brothers

Reports on wrestling insider news blogs have given an explanation for Jinder Mahal retaining the title against Shinsuke Nakamura on SummerSlam. Nakamura, despite his build up, was never meant to take the World Title this time around. The original plan, if reports are correct, was for Baron Corbin to cash in Money in the Bank and take the title out of Nakamura’s hands during SummerSlam. Unfortunately, Corbin made WWE execs mad because of his behavior on Twitter and lost his MitB Briefcase as punishment.

WWE execs then planned for Mahal to retain via DQ, but after some great press from The New York Times for Mahal, the WWE writers changed their mind and let him retain by pin fall.

So the reason the SummerSlam match felt so awkward and contrary to the buildup was because it was the third time they changed the plan due to circumstances.

The good news is the WWE has not changed its mind about Nakamura and his push. And judging by last night, he’s probably going to go after Mahal again for that World Title. Nakamura won a handicap match against The Singh brothers, then got taken out by Mahal, probably signaling a continuation of the feud.

Natalya and Carmella vs Becky Lynch and Naomi

SmackDown Women’s Champion Natalya teamed with Carmella, holder of the women’s Money in the Bank Briefcase, against Becky Lynch and former champion Naomi. James Ellsworth acts as ring-side support for Carmella and he’s clearly having a lot of fun with his new role and they teased cashing in MitB against Natalya.

AJ Styles vs Kevin Owens

One more time for the United States Title. Kevin Owens looks great when he loses his mind and gets all frustrated.

He actually made a good case for why he deserved another shot at the title. AJ Styles chose to take him on one more time and even agreed to let Owens choose a special guest referee. That referee ended up being Baron Corbin.

After a little dustup in the ring between Corbin and Styles, Shane McMahon ran out and took over the duty as referee. AJ Styles put Owens away one more time to retain.

Who’s missing?

Luke Harper and Erick Rowan, as they’ve been for over a month now. But there’s good news. According to reports, Harper and Rowan are being re-packaged with a different gimmick and will debut as a new tag team. I’ll miss the beards if they lose those, but I’ll deal. I’ll be thrilled just to see them again.



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