Stretch Armstrong series coming to Netflix

Joshua Waddles
Staff Writer

Stretch Armstrong is reaching back at us from the 70s and will soon appear in a Netflix original series.

According to a press release from Hasbro (the company that created Stretch Armstrong and many other iconic toy lines), “Stretch Armstrong and the Flex Fighters” will introduce a superhero team in a tongue in cheek storyline. In the show, Jake Amstrong had his friends, Nathan Park and Ricardo Perez, are exposed to chemicals that transform their bodies and give them a chance to become super heroes.

Scott Menville, voice actor from Teen Titans Go! and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, will voice Stretch Armstrong. Steven Yeun, from The Walking Dead, will voice Nathan Park and Oogie Banks (from Ultimate Spider-Man) will voice Ricardo Perez.

Stretch Armstrong began production in 1976. The 90s saw additions such as an alien villain, Vac-Man, which employed different mechanics for a similar concept: (Sand to fill the body and a suction device to keep the alien in shape.)

Stretch Armstrong had a body of rubber and insides filled with corn syrup. Kids could stretch the toy to several times its original length. The rough handling caused damage on many of the toys (which could be repaired with rubber cement, in some cases) and temperatures sometimes hardened the corn syrup. Many of the toys were broken because of these issues, but some have managed to survive, even dating back to the original 70s Stretch Armstrongs. These can sell for hundreds or even thousands of dollars to collectors.


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