Options for keeping pets warm

Staff Writer

If bringing small pets indoors isn't an option this winter, DIY shelters can help with the cold.

I used two coolers, but you can also use plastic containers. Be careful though, the plastic containers are harder to cut, which makes it easier to hurt yourself trying.

Cut out holes about the right size for your animal to squeeze into. Then, line the inside of the container with aluminum foil. This helps insulate against the cold.

Add padding to the bottom, put on a lid and secure the foil with duct tape.

You may consider cutting strips out of a trash bag to make a flap for the "door." This confuses my cats and they don't seem to realize they can get in, but I plan to try again later after they figure it out.

If possible, place the shelters next to a heat source. Be sure it is away from anything flammable and any electrical cords or devices are protected from the rain or anything that can get them wet or make them spark.

If using gas, don't cover it. Starving a gas flame of oxygen creates carbon monoxide.


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