Criminals dusting off the old Publishers Clearing House Scam

Joshua Waddles
Staff Writer

The Malvern Daily Record recently received a call from a citizen reporting a phone call scam. In this instance, the scammers posed as Publishers Clearing House and told him he won over three million dollars.

This citizen knew the caller was a scam artist.

Scammers typically want one of two things (if not both): personal information or money. In this instance, the scammers told the target he needed to send them money in order to collect his award.
“I told them to take it out of my winnings,” said the caller, but the scammers said they couldn’t do that because they needed to pay on taxes before sending the money.

Scammers claiming to offer prizes or free money come in every variety, but scam experts advise that legit organizations will never ask for money before delivering a prize. Citizens should also be extra cautious of scammers who may offer prizes in an attempt to get personal information which they can use to steal a person’s identity.

Publishers Clearing House also does not email or call its winners. Prizes of $500 or more are awarded either by certified or express letter, or in person with the Publishers Clearing House Prize Patrol. If someone claiming to represent Publishers Clearing House uses any other method to contact a person, it is a scam.

Anyone who is unsure can also contact Publishers Clearing House directly at 1-800-392-4190.


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