Mayor asks for caution during heavy rains

Joshua Waddles
Staff Writer

Malvern Mayor Brenda Weldon is asking citizens not to attempt to drive over flooded roads. She said it only takes a small amount of water to wash a vehicle off of the road.

Weldon said the only damage she’s seen a report on so far was a down tree on Jefferson. The Malvern Fire Department moved the tree and the Malvern Street Department cleaned the debris up the next morning.

She said the city will watch water levels and close roads that are flooded. She apologized for the inconvenience but said it was a matter of safety. She said the city can't prevent floods when the rain falls so hard for so long, but the city has been proactive in cleaning out ditches, which she believes has helped. She said the rain will also cause additional pot holes, which the Street Department will fix as soon as possible.


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