Bismarck Lions football pic.

Bismarck Lions' star quarterback Ian Smith executes the offensive attack for yards.

JESSIEVILLE—After a stellar start to their football season, the Bismarck Lions came up short of victory Friday on the road against Jessieville, 51-42 in 5-3A Conference play.

This was Bismarck’s first loss of the season since rolling on a 4-0 undefeated winning streak—to make some noise in the state for Class 3A.

The Lions will look to regroup next week as they return home to face another big challenge of the powerhouse 3A juggernauts the Glen Rose Beavers  on Homecoming at Henderson Doyle Field.

The Lions remain plus .500 with a 4-1 overall record and 1-1 in conference play.

See story in Saturday's October 2 MDR newspaper edition.

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