All-American Cheerleaders pic.


POYEN SR. HIGH: Ella Jones, Karen Hughes, Ashlyn Harrison, Mercy Draper, Haley Skorcz 

GLEN ROSE JR. HIGH: Zavery May, Abi Larson, Kaitlyn Stevens, Maleighaj Beeson, Christina Vann 

OUACHITA SR. HIGH:, Madeline Taylor, Julianne Chastain, Madison Lee

Jenna Schweitzer, Abrie Ables, Grace Baker, Chloe Whitley

MAGNET COVE JR. HIGH: Ava Herrington, Taysia Buckley, Sadie Brooks, Adia Case

CHEER CAMP 2021: Ouachita and Poyen senior high cheerleaders with the Magnet Cove and Glen Rose junior high cheer teams attended UCA Cheer Camp hosted at the Glen Rose Sports Arena, July 19-21.

All teams won the Superior Team Award and several members of each cheer squad, pictured, were named All-American.

See coverage in Saturday's July 24 MDR newspaper edition.

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