Poyen Indians logo pic.

TRIBE ADVANCES TO THE PLAYOFF QUARTERFINALS: Poyen Indians head coach Vick Barrett delivers a powerful and motivation victory speech to the Tribe after defeating Dierks, 48-26 to advance to the Class 2A state football playoffs quarterfinals for the first time in their football program.

Right from the opening kickoff Friday at Ayers Field ‘’The Hollar’’ in Dierks, the ranked Poyen Indians (10-1 overall) meant business on the gridiron to take out the Dierks Outlaws, 48-26 in the second round of the 2020 Class 2A state football playoffs for week 12.

It was Hooten’s 2A Game of the Week, and the “Rolling” Tribe didn’t disappoint to continue making a statement in their quest to championship glory. 

Poyen Indians football head coach Vick Barrett couldn’t be more proud how amazing his Tribe were focused, determined and pumped to play productive on the road in a tough environment deep into the postseason. This has been the best season for the Tribe in their football program by the productive leadership and guidance of their commander-in-chief —[Vick] Barrett.

Read more playoff game details in Saturdays November 21 MDR newspaper edition.


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